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Consider the Following:

Medicare Downfalls
 Canadian Benefits

1. Locked into plans that have premiums and drug costs that can change at any time with 60 days notice

2. Drug coverage does not mean all drugs are covered, some are excluded from the plans

3. High chance of incurring extra costs: with deductibles, monthly premiums, coverage gaps and co-payments

4. Drug Prices unchanged: Medicare does not negotiate with drug companies for lower prices on medications

5. No Choice: Some plans will automatically give the generic instead of the brand

                 YOUR OPTIONS.

1. No confusing plans, no contracts – flexible in meeting your changing health needs

2. All essential drugs are available to everyone without any need to search or enroll in a plan, you choose what you want

3.  NO deductibles or monthly premiums

4. Canadian price control laws as well as our considerable buying power ensures that prices remain low and offer significant savings

5. We have a simple, straightforward, easy to order system to get your medications conveniently delivered directly to your door-step

6. Quality Medications from a Safe, Reliable, Fully Licensed Pharmacy.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
- Helping you to not Incur Unwanted Costs -  

The Medicare Prescription Drug Insurance Plan is a voluntary plan that has been developed to help America ’s seniors pay for high prescription drug costs. Medicare Part D is available to seniors 65 and over with coverage beginning on January 1, 2006. Enrollment begins on November 15, 2005 and lasts until May 15, 2006. Enrolling past this date will result in higher costs.

The Medicare plan does not address the fact that drug prices are outrageously high to begin with. Participating in the plan comes at high annual costs and confusing calculations, and therefore needs to be carefully analyzed and assessed by seniors who are enrolling in the program.  

In most cases it may be more beneficial to order your medications from an Online Canadian Pharmacy instead, as you can save anywhere from 30 – 70% on prescription drugs. With the amount of plans being offered, it is difficult to find a plan that covers all of the medications you are taking, therefore one could enroll in a basic Medicare Part D Plan and order the rest of your medications from an Online Canadian Pharmacy. Purchasing your medications from Canada would be an ideal safety-net for the areas that the Medicare coverage is lacking or non-existent.

The underlying issue here is the rising cost of essential prescriptions. Canada is able to offer the same quality medications sold in the United States , but with significantly greater savings. Canada has a history of high safety standards, ensuring our medications are safe and of the same quality as those found in the United States . Search our low prices and calculate the savings. It is a re-occurring concern that Government is refusing to deal with – letting Americans acquire their medications in the United States with the same savings found in Canada ! Encourage government to solve the price issue and negotiate costs with the drug companies. Use our one step Free Cost Analysis Calculator to help you compare costs and see what will be most beneficial for you.